3 Benefits of Small Group Training

3 Benefits of Small Group Training

3 Benefits of Small Group Training

Small Group Training, also known as SGT, might be the solution to help you find the right fitness program. Here is why:

Personalized Attention

Get the best of both worlds! You’ll experience the same tailored attention that you would with a personal trainer. In addition, you will find camaraderie and support from a team that won’t let you give up!


Time after time, we find ourselves postponing that gym visit.  With SGT you will build relationships with the group and coach who won’t allow you postpone that gym visit!  You will be held accountable to show up because your group will need you.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when working out is that they don’t have a structured and progressive exercise program.  This prevents them from reaching their desired results.  Participating in SGT will provide a progressive exercise program that is created to ensure success in achieving results.

Find The right SGT

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