3 New NYHRC Classes All Runners Should Take

3 New NYHRC Classes All Runners Should Take

3 New NYHRC Classes All Runners Should Take

Whether you’re new to running or a marathon veteran, runners of all experience levels will benefit from these programs.

Meet Up & Run

  • Monday Evenings, beginning January 7th
  • 6:30 pm in our 56th St. Lobby
  • Led by Athletic Director & Head Running Coach Bill Elkins

Join the NYHRC Run Club every week! Runs will leave from the lobby of the 56th Street Club and head over to Central Park. Distances will range from 3 – 5 miles and paces will vary.


Yoga 4 Runners

  • Thursday Evenings, beginning January 10th
  • 6:30 pm at our 56th St Location
  • Led by Yoga Pro Laura Brett

Yoga 4 Runners is a stress buster and an alignment-based yoga class geared towards athletes and runners. Join this class to improve flexibility, build strength and aid breathing & recovery – the key factors to maximizing your running.



  • Thursday Evenings, beginning January 10th
  • 7:30 pm at our 56th St. Location
  • Led by Running Coach Norma La Vecchia

HIIT & RUN is a Running Conditioning Class designed for Runs, Obstacle Course Runs, and Marathon Training.

Conditioning will increase your speed, strength, and power.
There will be 3 rounds, 45 seconds with 15-second rest in between. As a result, you will improve your stamina, strengthen your heart and lungs, and boost your lactate threshold, to make you run better & faster.

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