3 Secrets That Will Get You In The Best Shape of Your Life

Here is the best way to set realistic goals for your workouts

The first thing you should do is specifically define your goal. Don’t use vague blanket statements like “I want to lose weight or fat;” instead, create a clear and defined goal that can be measured and timed.

When you’re mapping out this goal, you have to be honest with where you’re at. If you’re in your 50’s with a beer belly and decades of unhealthy habits, you’re not going to have steel abs by tomorrow. A great way to self-reflect on where you stand fitness-wise is to confront what your strengths and weaknesses are.

As you’re going through this process, research stories of others that have achieved the results you’ve wanted, and see what their experience was like. There are a lot of transformation videos that can help you identify what is truly realistic for someone that’s starting where you’re at. Just be aware of brand promoting stories, and look for stories that are independent of product promotion.

Why unrealistic expectations hinder your workouts and are counterproductive

Having unrealistic expectations can become discouraging after you fail in attempting to achieve them. This will reduce your perceived value of working out, which often makes one feel like it’s not even worth trying anymore, and eventually leads to giving up entirely.

Unrealistic expectations will lead to disappointment, which will reduce your confidence in the gym. This often results in constantly changing one’s approach to working out, and can make it impossible to reach even the most realistic of goals.

What you should avoid at all costs!

One of the biggest ways you can hinder your workouts is by “program hopping.” This is when you constantly and hastily change your workout program before seeing your original program through to completion, when often the original program would’ve produced results had you stuck with it. The same concept also applies to “diet hopping,” in which you constantly change to a new style of diet before the original one had time to come to fruition.

Those that tend to carry unrealistic expectations program hop because they feel that they’re not getting the results they want. They blame the exercise program for not working fast enough and abandon it in favor of a new method, which slows down or prevents achieving the desired results. Make sure to set realistic goals, and stick with your program until it’s complete, to ensure your time in the gym is paying off!

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