7 Ways to avoid losing your gains this holiday season

We sat down with our Registered Dietitian Hanna Trundle to find out how you can curve the holiday curves!

1.  Keep your normal eating pattern, meaning eat breakfast and lunch, as this helps to maintain your metabolism and have you eat less dinner and dessert than if you were to “save your calories”.
2. Alcohol can add up really quickly during holiday season, especially with lots of extended family around, if you drink, try to keep alcohol to wine, champagne or a spirit with club soda. Beer or specialty fun cocktails (were looking at you apple cider) can add lots of sugar to your diet without you even noticing. Tip: every alcoholic beverage have a glass of water…this keeps you hydrated while also managing the amount.
3. When it comes to appetizers I recommend Plating It!! By plating your appetizer you automatically are more mindful of the amount that you will consume, where as if you keep going back “for just one more” you can lose track of actually how much you’ve eaten before the actual meal.
4. Water may be your best friend this holiday season. Make sure you have AT LEAST 2L of water before you arrive to a party or meal (64 oz or 4 Poland Spring bottles), have a glass of water when you arrive, and a glass of water before you eat. This will enable you to stay hydrated, and allow hunger and satiety cues to be in check
5. A way to control portion when plating the main meal is to look at all your options BEFORE you plate, decide then decide what you want, so you don’t end up with food items you don’t really want and wasting room on your plate.
6. When plating the main meal make sure half of your entire plate vegetables. There are so many great and delicious veggie sides.
7. To help with portion control do not go for seconds. Fill your plate up ONCE. If you decide you really do want seconds, wait at least 20 minutes to let your hunger and satiety cues to set in.
By NYHRC’s Registered Dietitian Hanna Trundle