New Group Fitness Schedule

(Description Below)

Yoga  (Flexibility)

Athletic Yoga – Emphasis is on linking breath with movement strength & form

Vinyasa Yoga/Vinyasa Flow/Alignment Flow – Emphasis is on linking breath w/movement, strength & form.

Yin Flow – A Vinyasa flow with dynamic postures for strength and balance, combined with yin, passive long-held postures for flexibility and calm.

Restorative Yoga – Yoga postures to warm the body for relaxation & deep restoration.

Urban Meditation A class that promotes harmony through guided imagery and breath.

CORE Yoga – Strengthen your core with these essential Pilates based
Yoga poses that integrate core strength, flexibility, stability, balance and mental focus in a quick 30-minute workout.

Body Work (Recovery focused classes)

MELT® on Stretch/MELT® – A blend of the MELT hand & foot treatment with stretching sequences, using specialized treatment balls to increase flexibility, rehydrate connective tissue and improve ROM.


Mind/Body  (Flexibility & Strength)

Pilates Mat –A workout that restores muscular balance, strengthens & stretches the body. Pilates Barre incorporates ballet-based exercises

Pilates Strength – Incorporates ballet-based exercises and strength training and has a non-traditional pilates format.   

Pilates turned INSIDE OUT –  A  NYHRC exclusive pilates and dance based workout, requiring deep work into the muscle to strengthen and lengthen.

BARRE – Yoga Pilates and Ballet inspired classes.

Pilates Barre – Incorporates Ballet Based Barre exercise with Pilates.

Barre Blaster/Barre 30/Barre- A ballet-inspired barre workout that will chisel & tone.

STRETCH  (Flexibility)

Stretch/Balance & STRETCH –  Focus on flexibility, range of motion, posture & alignment & flexibility.

BOXING   (Strength & Cardio)

Diezel Kick/ Knockout- Non-stop kick and boxing workout that combines strength training & kicking combos.

AQUA (Pool Strength & Cardio focused classes)

Aqua Zumba®- An easy to follow calorie burning Zumba fitness class in the pool.

AquaFIT/Aqua Boot Camp –  A cross training workout featuring non-impact aerobics & strength training exercises in the pool.


Cycle ShredA NYHRC exclusive full-body cardio cycle workout with anaerobic intervals with light weights & or bands.

Cycling*- An indoor cycling workout that targets and strengthens the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Cycle Xpress – A 30-minute ride.


Ballroom Dance –  A comprehensive dance program, including a full range of Latin and standard ballroom dance, and more.

(Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Swing, Bachata & Hustle)

Zumba® – A dynamic fitness program–including Caribbean & Latin rhythms.

Masala Bhangra®- A blend of traditional Bhangra dance steps and Bollywood moves.

Cardio Mix/Just Dance –A choreographed high-energy, cardiovascular workouts.

Retro Aerobics – High-energy, cardiovascular workouts.  Retro Aerobics is set to 70s & 80s music

HIIT ( High-Intensity Interval Training)

INSANITY® – Insanity uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercises and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.

Tabata Bootcamp®/Tabata Sculpt/Tabata 30 – Tabatas are short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short rests. Excellent for fat burning and ton


Athletic Abs- Focuses on abs, obliques & lower back.

Burn 45/ Burn 30 – A NYHRC exclusive intense format that focuses on core training, rhythm change, ROM with light cardio to lengthen and tone.

Total Sculpt/Stretch & Sculpt – A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body.

Abs/Assets – A NYHRC exclusive targets the core of the body & concentrates on legs, glutes, abdominals & back.

Interval Sculpt/Boot Camp Sculpt/Strength Training – An intense strength training workout that combines strength intervals.

P90X® – A cardio strength workout by Beach Body.

Class formats include cardio, upper & lower body with weights followed by abdominals & core.

BareFIT-  A NYHRC exclusive total body workout using a 6ft. Body Band for Strength. Length & Balance.

SENIOR FIT (Strength and Balance focused classes)

Cardio Balance/Better Balance A user -friendly cardio sculpting fusion workout combining the elements of balance training and strength. Balance training is key in improving coordination, performance and lowering the risk of injury while strengthening core muscles

AquaFIT – A nonimpact workout that incorporates weight training & cardio exercise in the water.

Tai Chi An ancient Chinese martial arts system of paced exercises & breathe.

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