New Group Fitness Schedule

(Descriptions below)

Yoga (Flexibility)

Athletic Yoga – Emphasis is on linking breath with movement strength & form

Vinyasa Yoga/Vinyasa Flow/Alignment Flow/Heated Vinyasa – Emphasis is on linking breath w/movement, strength & form.

Heated Vinyasa is held in a warm studio.

Warm Yoga – A series of Hatha Yoga poses to warm the body & ending with breathing to cleanse.

Urban Meditation A class that promotes harmony through guided imagery and breath.

Yoga Detox – A 1 hour Yoga experience that will transform your yoga practice.
Yoga Detox encourages weight loss in a new way by linking movement and breath and will help you change the way you relate to your body.

Body Work (Recovery focused classes)

BodyTRAC A NYHRC exclusive through self-massage, releases tight muscles calm the nervous system and improve performance. (Uses Rad Rollers and Balls)


Mind/Body  (Flexibility & Strength)

Pilates Mat –A workout that restores muscular balance, strengthens & stretches the body. Pilates Barre incorporates ballet-based exercises

Pilates Strength – Incorporates ballet-based exercises and strength training and has a non-traditional pilates format.   

BARRE – Yoga, Pilaties and Ballet inspired classes.

FLUIDITY® –  A combination of ballet barre, yoga, pilates, and strength training to create a longer and leaner body.

Barre Blaster/Barre 30/Barre- A ballet-inspired barre workout that will chisel & tone.

STRETCH  (Flexibility)

KS® Limber – A dynamic stretch & core class for athletes.

Lastics® – A stretch & flexibility technique, born from the world of dance.

The Lastics® technique articulates and elongates muscle from end to end.

Athletic Stretch – A Stretch Class designed for Athletes & Post Workouts

FUSION  (Strength & Flexibility FUSION)

PiYo® Workout – A full body workout from BeachBody® that combines the muscle sculpting core firming benefits of Pilates with the strength & flexibility advantages of yoga.

Martial Arts 

Karate 101 –   A user-friendly Martial Arts training based on traditional Japanese Karate, teaching skills, sequences & techniques building strength & endurance.

BOXING (Cardio)

Diezel Kick- Non-stop kick and boxing workout that combines strength training & kicking combos.

Cardio Kick, JAB- A user-friendly cardio boxing class incorporating jabs, kicks,

AQUA (Pool classes that are Strength & Cardio focused)

AquaFIT/Aqua Boot Camp –  A cross training workout featuring non-impact aerobics & strength training exercises in the pool.


Boot Camp Cycling-A challenging boot camp style ride

Cycle ShredA NYHRC exclusive full-body cardio cycle workout with anaerobic intervals with light weights & or bands.

Cycling*- An indoor cycling workout that targets and strengthens the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Cycle 30 – A 30 Bootcamp style minute ride.

Cycle FORCE – A NYHRC exclusive goal based, distance based indoor cycling ride using cycle monitors to achieve your distance goals.

Cycle ATTITUDE – A fun and challenging indoor cycling class that gets your heart rate dancing.


Zumba® – A dynamic fitness program–including Caribbean & Latin rhythms.

Dance HIIT – A NYHRC exclusive that blends the power of dance and strength training intervals.

Caribbean Heat – A nonstop cardio dance workout set to the latest dance hall & soca tunes that will make you sweat like you are on a hot island vacation.

Hip HopDance to Rap &  Hip – Hop music trends.


Kangoo™ HIIT – A high energy, cardio workout that utilizes safe & stable rebounding shoes for a fun, high-intensity workout that burns calories. (Boots provided)

Urban Rebounding ™- Challenging aerobic movement, sports specific exercises and plyometrics on a rebounder.

Hoop HIITA NYHRC exclusive calorie burning Interval Hoop Training workout. (Hoops provided)

Viking Workout – A NYHRC exclusive interval training workout that combines strength drills, athletic movement, and rowing intervals. (Water Rowers)

Cardio Core – A fusion of Cardio Intervals and Core Training

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Diezel Circuit-  A NYHRC exclusive high intensity, circuit class with creative battle station. Stations consist of Body Bars, Steps, Jump Ropes, Bands, Gliders & more.

INSANITY® – Insanity uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercises and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.

Gridiron Power™ – Gridiron Power™ is a high intensity sports specific circuit style workout that covers the entire athletic matrix including speed, power, agility, and strength. Gridiron™uses a football prop and incorporates football drills used by the pros.

Tabata Bootcamp®/Tabata Sculpt – Tabatas are short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short rests. Excellent for fat burning and toning.

Obstacle Race Training- Functional fitness, drills & HIIT training designed to challenge your endurance.

An NYHRC exclusive HIIT program based on Pyramid intervals and reps.

The format has a gradual build-up of intensity in the first half of class,

then a build down to the end of the class..

Rebound HIIT –Indulge your inner child with a workout that encourages you to bounce and play.  Rebounding is a cardiovascular exercise on a trampoline-based platform.

A challenging blend of Cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


Ultimate Abs – Focuses on abs, obliques & lower back.

Athletic Abs- Focuses on abs, obliques & lower back.

Cardio Core– A workout that targets the mid parts of the body & concentrates on legs, glutes, abdominals, back, and stabilization.

Burn 30 – A NYHRC exclusive intense format that focuses on core training, rhythm change, ROM with light cardio to lengthen and tone.

Total Sculpt/Sculpt & Alignment/Body Sculpt/ Sculpt Xpress – A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body.

Arms/Abs/Assets – A NYHRC exclusive targets arms, abs, and glutes for a total body workout.

Boot Camp Sculpt – An intense strength training workout that combines strength intervals.

Kinetic Sculpt® A training method to improve strength, coordination and promote strength.

SENIOR FIT  (Strength and Balance focused classes)

AquaFIT – A nonimpact workout that incorporates weight training & cardio exercise in the water.

Tai Chi An ancient Chinese martial arts system of paced exercises & breathe.

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