New Group Fitness Schedule

(Descriptions Below)

Yoga (Flexibility)

Athletic Yoga – Emphasis is on linking breath with movement strength & form

Vinyasa Yoga/Vinyasa Flow/Alignment – Emphasis is on linking breath w/movement, strength & form.

Gentle Yoga – A yoga class suitable for beginners emphasizing gentle movement, alignment, and stretching

Yoga 4 Runners – Yoga 4 Runners is a stress buster and an alignment-based yoga class geared towards athletes and runners.

It will improve flexibility, build strength and aid in breathing & recovery.


Mind/Body  (Flexibility & Strength)

Pilates Mat –A workout that restores muscular balance, strengthens & stretches the body. Pilates Barre incorporates ballet-based exercises

Pilates turned INSIDE OUT –  A  NYHRC exclusive pilates and dance based workout, requiring deep work into the muscle to strengthen and lengthen.

BARRE – A blend of yoga, pilates, and ballet-inspired classes

Ballet Tech: A user – friendly class that reinforces classical ballet principles of placement and alignment with an emphasis on blending art and body science.

Barre Blaster/Barre 30/Barre- A ballet-inspired barre workout that will chisel & tone.

STRETCH  (Flexibility)

Bin Zhou Stretch – A NYHRC exclusive powerful stretch workout with the influence of Tai Chi, Ying Yang & Chi Gung.

Limber® – A dynamic stretch & core class for athletes.

FUSION    (Strength & Flexibility FUSION)

GYROKINESIS® – A circular methodology that combines the 7 natural elements of spinal movement blending yoga, dance, gymnastics & tai chi principles.

BOXING  (Cardio)

Diezel Kick/ Knockout- Non-stop kick and boxing workout that combines strength training & kicking combos.

Diezel Boxing– A circuit based boxing class with partner drills using gloves and mitt work.

Boxing Circuit/Boxing Bootcamp– This innovative class combines boxing with strength training and aerobic drills using gloves and heavy bags

AQUA   (Pool based classes with a focus in strength & cardio)

AquaFIT/Aqua Boot Camp –  A cross training workout featuring non-impact aerobics & strength training exercises in the pool.


Boot Camp Cycling-A challenging boot camp style ride

Cycle ShredA NYHRC exclusive full-body cardio cycle workout with anaerobic intervals with light weights & or bands.

Cycling*- An indoor cycling workout that targets and strengthens the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Cycle FORCE – A NYHRC exclusive goal based, distance based indoor cycling ride using cycle monitors to achieve your distance goals.


Ballroom Dance –  A comprehensive dance program, including a full range of Latin and standard ballroom dance, and more.

(Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Swing, Bachata & Hustle)

Zumba® – A dynamic fitness program–including Caribbean & Latin rhythms.

Hip Hop – Dance to Rap &  Hip Hop music trends.

FIRST Dance – A 45 minute Dance class designed for the Bride & Groom & Wedding Party. Learn line dances, traditional wedding dances & more!


Step It Up– Step workouts utilize a step platform for a targeted cardio workout.

Meet Up & Run – An Outdoor Run head to Central Park. Distances will range from 3 – 5 miles and paces will vary.

HIIT  (High-Intensity Interval Training)

INSANITY® – Insanity uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercises and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest.

STRONG® – This new HIIT class by Zumba® will push you past your plateaus and help you reach your fitness goals.

Moving in sync with the music will make you work harder and have a great time doing it.

The Pyramid (High-Intensity Interval Training)

An NYHRC exclusive HIIT program based on Pyramid intervals and reps.

The format has a gradual build-up of intensity in the first half of class,

then a build down to the end of the class.


Athletic Abs/15 Min. Abs.- Focuses on abs, obliques & lower back.

Arms/Abs/Assets – A NYHRC exclusive targets arms, abs and glutes for a total body workout.

Military Muscle- A NYHRC exclusive workout that combines athletic movement, functional training, and athletic drills

Total Sculpt – A full body workout designed to strengthen and tone the upper and lower body.

Interval Sculpt/Boot Camp Sculpt/Strength Training/Cardio Sculpt – An intense strength training workout that combines strength intervals.

HIIT & Run – A Running Conditioning Class designed for Runs, Obstacle Course Runs, and Marathon Training. Conditioning will increase your speed, strength, and power.

ATHLETICA – Sculpt and train your body like an athlete. 

Atletica burns fat and delivers a strong body.

Exercise routines are designed to build strength and endurance.

Be prepared to sweat and test your willpower!

SENIOR FIT  (Strength and Balance focused classes)

AquaFIT – A nonimpact workout that incorporates weight training & cardio exercise in the water.

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