Here’s what it takes to be a fitness influencer

Fitness has always had the power to change lives; of course, one can change their life by living healthier, but they can also change the lives of others by inspiring them. That power is stronger than ever in the era of the internet, where folks can get a daily dose of inspiration right in their social feeds.

We sat down with NYHRC member Ana Snyder, AKA Instagram’s  @littlebuffblondie, to find out how she became a fitness influencer, how it’s changed her life, and what it takes to be one.

How did you become a fitness influencer?

I became interested in fitness modeling and wanted to become an influencer when I started doing bodybuilding shows. I’m very well known in the bodybuilding community because I’ve placed at Nationals but I wanted to reach a broader audience. I realized I could to that through my Instagram. Bodybuilding is such a small part of the fitness world and I didn’t want to shut out other people who are involved in other aspects of wellness!

How has fitness created an opportunity in your life?

Fitness helped me create a healthy mindset of gratitude which opened up every opportunity in my life. Mindset is everything! Shapes your perspective, opens up every opportunity you could want.

Tangibly, it’s allowed me to travel to Miami and Los Angeles often for fitness events, work with wellness brands, etc.

 What does it take to be a fitness Influencer (Walk us through your day, breakfast, working out, etc)?

I start with an hour weightlifting session and then do about 30-45 min of cardio. Each day I workout one bodypart—I do 3 days of legs, 2 days shoulders and back, and 1-day shoulders and arms. Throughout the day I eat 6 meals—lots of lean proteins, green veggies, and healthy carbs (oats, rice).

 Can you tell us one of the workouts you do?

I love plyometrics! They’re great for keeping your legs lean while you build muscle. Here’s one of my fav leg combos:

Dumbbell Curtsey Lunge to Balance off a low box for 4 sets of 12 (each side), superset with Ice Skaters for 4 sets 30 Seconds

2 sets of 90 Sec sprints with 5% incline

cable pull through 4 sets of 12, superset with plyometric step ups for 4 sets x 30 seconds

Cardio Ender: 10-minute high incline walking – without holding on to the treadmill!

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Feels like old times posting 2 gym pics in a row over here hahah It feels soooo good to be able to lift again at my gym @nyhrc ! Exercise is my regulating habit that helps me make other more self-controlled decisions in other aspects of my life. In other words, when I exercise other things fall into line like waking up earlier, being more focused in work, eating healthier, etc. It can be really helpful to Identify what your regulating habit is if you want to make several changes in your life!! I was bored for the last few months with all the extra time on my hands and was going out all of the time. Definitely nothing wrong with that, but I feel more fulfilled if I’m constantly moving towards a goal. Now I’ll be going out less unless it’s to make time for people and opportunities that mean a lot to me! I have some super exciting things coming for you babes in 2019! Stay tuned 😜 . This outfit I’m wearing is another set from @fabletics ! Click the link in my profile to shop my look. PC: @redstallyn #sponsored #ad #deadlift #leggings #yoga #workout #bodybuilding #nyc #newyork #healthylifestyle #exercise #city #manhattan #fitgirl #fitness #yoga #blondehair #personaltrainer #booty #squats #myfabletics #fableticspartner #fabletics

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