How to prepare for success in 2019

How to prepare for success in 2019

How to prepare for success in 2019

Year after year, we make countless fitness goals that we seldom follow through with, and now it’s resolution season again: when winter weather has us anticipating an amazing summer, and daydreaming of having the best body is a daily experience.

We sat down with Personal Training Manager Navin N. of our Whitehall location, to see what he does to ensure that his clients and trainers break the cycle of resolution abandonment and make daydreams become reality–not pipe dreams.

Review your goals!

Navin suggests breaking down your goal(s) and making sure they’re realistic. Be honest with yourself, is it physically possible to achieve this fitness goal and is it feasible with your lifestyle? If it is, you’re going to need a plan!

Without a plan, it’s a dream!

According to Navin, the biggest cause of giving up on goals is lack of a plan. This might be the most crucial component when setting out to achieve your goal. You need to map out what, how, and when you’re going to get in the gym.

Stick to the plan!

You might think this is a given, but don’t be mistaken. Stick to your exercise program and  your diet; all too often we switch up the program or diet before either have had a chance to make an impact.

This is not to say you shouldn’t adjust your program if you’re not seeing results. However, let things settle in, and if after 4 weeks you’re not seeing any results, it’s time to re-access and make some updates, says Navin.

Navin’s goals for 2019…

“I plan to do a Turkish Getup with 106 pound kettlebell and continue to convert all of my training to implementing kettlebells, allowing me to prepare for all things physical!”.

Get your head start!

Now that you know how to maximize success in the gym, don’t wait, start today!  Stay tuned for more on how to stay on track this New Year!  Schedule your session today!

Whitehall Personal Training Manager Navin N.

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