Meditation Mondays: Brevity, mantra and meditation gel well together

The commonly conjured mental image of a guru sitting in an agonizing Lotus pose sours many people’s perceptions of practicing meditation. Plus, modern times are busy and we wear many hats at once that compete for our precious time.

The good news is that Mantra Meditation in Minutes, a practice Mary does often, can be enough to shift one’s disposition to a calmer place, and she tells her students that it is better to have practiced many shorter obtainable meditations than none. “To practice, I simply stop what I am doing for a few minutes, focus on deep inhales and exhales while repeating a mantra of the day, which is a word or sounds repeated to aid concentration in meditation.” If a student is not comfortable with a Sanskrit mantra, Mary suggests he or she repeat a daily intention. “In just minutes of practicing my go-to mantra Aham Prema, which translates to ‘I am divine love,’ I have about-faced to my heart, and I’m calmer, centered, and more present.”

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By NYHRC’s Meditation Expert Mary Krensavage