NYHRC Super Bowl Fitness Challenge

What if we told you, there was a way for you to feel the same burn as those competing in this year’s Super Bowl? We decided there is a way! Here are the guidelines to our Super Bowl challenge.

Who’s your team?

Pick a team to cheer for! If you do not have a team, flip a coin. Anytime your opposing team scores, you’re going to have to jump into an NFL style workout!


If your team did not make the touchdown, you’ll have to do as many push-ups as possible! This will only bring you closer to your team!

First team to score (Before halftime): Those who rooted against the team that scored will pay for it in the currency of a bodyweight squat AMRAP (as many reps as possible). In addition to the touchdown push-ups!

First team to kick a field goal: Hold a wall squat for 30 seconds following 10 burpees

Are you looking for The Underdog Comeback?

First team to score (After Half-time): Will be banking on a Hail Mary because the opposing team will have to do an AMRAP (As many reps as possible) of squats and mountain climbers!

Make sure your team plays nice!

Every time your team commits a penalty, you have to do planks. Measured by the number of yards penalized times two. For example, your team receives a 20-yard penalty, you will be holding a 40-second plank (20 yards x 2 = 40).

If your team loses

You will be subjected to our Super Bowl circuit before you dive into the mountains of junk food provided at your local Super Bowl party…

3 rounds

Bodyweight Squats – 40
Planks – 1 minute
Hip Thrusters – 15
pushups – 10
mountain climbers – 40

x 3 rounds 2 minutes rest between rounds

Good luck!