Freedom & Strength, Standing on Water

Q&A with Jenni Lynn (NYHRC Aquaboard Instructor)

1) Can a beginner take this type of training?

All levels are welcome to this type of training. The board offers modifications for every type of participant. If you have any severe back injuries or issues kneeling, I would say that the board may be a bit advanced for these circumstances and you should consult your physician first.

2) Do you have to have good balance to take this training?

Absolutely not. This is a program designed to increase your ability to balance as well as learn to keep your core engaged while performing all types of movement. (* people who suffer from vertigo should consult with their physician first)

3) What’s the benefit of working out on the water as opposed to a typical fitness class?

Water is a constantly moving element. When you add physical activity floating on the surface of water, your body is put into a situation where your proprioception, balance, core and flexibility are all challenged at the same time.

4) What can I expect to gain from Aquaboard?

Aquaboard is a workout geared to heighten your sense of balance while building your entire core, cardiovascular stamina and total body strength.

β˜† Even if you’ve never surfed or been paddle boarding, you can still feel the freedom and strength of standing on water with Aquaboard training.

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