The secrets to staying model ready year round

Fitness Model & NYHRC member Alycia shared her secrets to stay model ready, year round.

As a model training at NYHRC I do the following :

Take HIIT classes twice a week usually at 7:30 at 21st street locationI try to maintain a healthy diet year round so once a photo shoot comes around I don’t have to stress about what I’m eating or have to intensify my workouts to much

If I dont take a class I will focus on running or jump roping ( my favorite) or I’ll do one of my own HIIT workouts. I enjoy making them because I am certified as a trainer and I find it’s fun to practice them and see what results are yielded!

I love how spacious NYHRC locations are I enjoy the fact that there are so many class options and It’s nice to know that If I cant make a class I can still have a great workout with all the machines and weights etc. that they have to offer on the gym floor!

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