Top Fitness Myths Pt 1

Myth: You should workout in the morning for the best results.

The Truth: 

Time of day doesn’t matter; as long as you are making time in your day to work out. Once you make it a routine, your body will adapt. However getting enough sleep is the most essential for yielding the best results.

Myth: Crunches and sit-ups are the best exercises to get abs.

The Truth: 

Your diet is the most crucial aspect in seeing your abs; they say abs are made in the kitchen. Everyone has abdominal muscles, but whether or not you can see them depends on how much fat is covering them. What you eat has a greater impact on fat burning than what exercises you do.

In addition to that, sit ups flex the spin repetitively, putting you at a much greater risk of developing lower back pain. However, many different exercises help strengthen the core muscles. Try planking – it engages your entire core, resulting in a better activation. Click here to find out 3 killer ab workouts!

Myth: Lifting will make you too bulky.

The Truth: 

Look at the muscular cross fitters, body builders and often stocky powerlifters. All of them work extremely hard to get their body to what it is. You don’t go to bed on a Monday looking lean and wake up on Tuesday bulky because you lifted the day before. Becoming bulky is intentional and mainly attributed to your diet.

Consuming a calorie surplus, with poor dieting, only locks your fat in, however continuing to lift under these circumstances, will grow your muscles. These muscles live under the fat,  blended together developing the bulky look.

You can curve this form happening! Maintaining, a balanced healthy diet in which you’re not in a calorie surplus, combine with weight lifting, is the key to developing the lean and defined look you’re working toward.

Top Fitness Myths Part Two