Top Fitness Myths Pt: 2

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Myth: Doing cardio before weight lifting results in a better workout. 

Truth:While both are important components in your work out, heavy cardio before lifting will only result in fatigue and hinder your weight lifting abilities and increasing your risk for injury.

It is suggested that you have cardio on your non lifting days. If your schedule is too packed, do cardio following your lifting. If it’s leg day, do rowing for your cardio, if its upper body day, then do a lower body cardio workout, i.e. running.

Myth: If you’re not sore, the workout wasn’t good enough.

Truth:Inflammation causes soreness; the best way to measure the success of your workout is compare how you performed compared to your goal. An intense workout causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibers, resulting in muscle soreness. If the pain lasts over 72 hours, you may have worked out too hard or caused more serious injuries. In addition to diminishing the gains you were working on getting!

Your muscles tear apart during the workout, not grow. When you rest, recover and sleep, your body repairs them which then begins to grow the muscles you trained. Trying to get them as sore as possible becomes counter productive because your body cannot keep up with the repairs.

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